Lao Cai specialties – Lao Cai sausages
Lao Cai specialties – Lao Cai sausages
Lao Cai is a culinary culture region with many unique specialties famous near and far. Lao Cai specialties are the convergence of heaven and earth, a gift that links between regions and people together.

Coming to Lao Cai is an opportunity to enjoy and enjoy the cultural values ​​of cuisine and beautiful space. To choose meaningful and healthy gifts to make your trip more meaningful and wonderful, you can choose from a variety of local agricultural products and products with many models. Code as: Sa Pa forest mushroom, Dried Bamboo shoots, Muong Khuong chili sauce, Dried buffalo meat, kitchen, pork sausage, Sim San wine, Nam Pung wine, Séng Cu rice, …

These products all have their own unique flavor and culinary cultural values ​​such as the traditional liquor of the highland people of Lao Cai, including the special kind of leaf yeast and the delicious specialty rice that create the flavor. passionate tourist attraction that only the Northwestern region of Lao Cai can have.

Types of wine
Or the dish of buffalo meat, dried in the kitchen, is also marinated by many spices of the mountains, then hung on the kitchen to dry. This dish when eaten will feel the smell of smoke quite gently, the meat has a sweet taste should be pleasing to visitors.

Baked meat in the kitchen
Referring to Muong Khuong Chili Sauce, surely those of you who are followers of spicy dishes should not be missed because this is the most outstanding specialty of Northwest Lao Cai.

Muong Khuong chili sauce
To contribute greatly in the delicious dishes, Géng Cu rice is famous for its deliciousness, is a rare and precious product and also the pride of the people in the mountainous areas of Lao Cai. This type of rice is milled manually, without polishing, without preservatives, especially the content of vitamin E, Vitamin B1, B6 is many times higher than other types of rice. Com Sé Rice is delicious, pliable, with a strong taste and a light aroma of sticky rice.

Gé Sé Rice
Over the years, the people of the Northwestern region have created their own delicious and attractive dishes that are nowhere to be found. These dishes are the “specialties” of the Northwest Highlands (Lao Cai), made and processed manually, that is the taste of the Northwestern mountains, the souls of Lao Cai people come to all. people, every family across the country favor.
Hopefully, tourists will choose Lao Cai specialties to make meaningful gifts for relatives and friends.

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